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    To recover from lost sleep

    Tossing,turning and tired when you wake up?
    Cranky and unproductive and not sure why?
    Sleepless now and then? Or night after night?


    Whether your insomnia is chronic or transient, choose Insomniamag to sleep better, feel better, and change your life for the better...
  • buonadigestione

    Digestive problems and insomnia

    Most of us know that eating a heavy meal or snack immediately before bed is liable to give you a restless sleep and nightmares...
    In fact, eating within a few hours of going to bed, particularly certain food choices or difficult to digest items, may be the direct cause of your insomnia or, at the very least, a major contributor to sleepless nights.

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  • saneabitidini

    Seeking for healthy habits

    Your sleep/wake cycle reflects your lifestyle.

    Living a balanced life, ensuring physical activity, healthy eating, and paying attention to the natural rhythms of the body helps us to sleep well, and wake up feeling refreshed and energetic.

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  • ambienteconfortevole

    Peace and quiet

    The environment is a key contributing factor to many sleep disorders, yet often the most difficult to control, especially in the city. Noise pollution may be a constant. You may have noisy neighbors or a teen who loves loud music, or live near an airport—or a snoring spouse...

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  • curadelcorpo

    Take care of your body

    Physical pain is no friend to sleep. You may find it impossible to get comfy or find a position that is conducive to sleep. Even lying down may feel like torture when you’re in pain. Such physical stress can be treated in several ways, depending on the extent and severity of the pain.

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  • curaremente

    Positive Thougts

    Going to bed and worrying or with a busy and active mind means you’re not going to sleep very well. You’ll probably toss and turn in the throes of anxiety for hours.

    Sleep never seems to come. Stress is a major cause of insomnia.

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  • Curare il corpoBody
  • Curare la menteMind



A useful aid for insomnia, that helps:

- To balance body and mind

- To restore sleep/wake rhythm

- To reduce physical pain

- To sleep peacefully

- To eliminate acidity

- To produce melatonin



Insomniamag is designed to help you recover mental and physical equilibrium, get a good night’s rest, and avoid the health issues often related to sleep problems.


Insomniamag creates a magnetic field of 800 Gauss. Biomagnets stimulate the pineal gland and natural production of melatonin to promote restful sleep.
You simply apply to the skin. If your skin is ultra-sensitive, the Insomniamag can be applied over clothing instead of directly onto your skin, or placed on a nearby spot, such as a nightstand or headboard (also under your hat!).
Insomniamag is suitable for all ages, including children and seniors—limit to 4 to 6 hours treatment for both groups at first to assess results.
It can be used at any time of day or night and left on for as long as you wish or need. A usage manual is supplied with full instructions.
It’s easy and simple with no side effects.
The natural sleep remedy: Insomniamag is designed to encourage the natural rhythms of sleep.